2012 March

Happy Pi Day

March 14, 2012   ·   By   ·   Comments Off   ·   Posted in Fun

It was pretty late last night when I finished my post about blogging with WordPress and Dexy, so I didn’t even notice it had turned into π day. This morning of course twitter reminded me, and in particular this caught my eye:

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Blogging with WordPress and Dexy

March 14, 2012   ·   By   ·   Comments Off   ·   Posted in Tutorials

For a developer, trying to blog about code is a frustrating process. WYSIWYG content editors mangle code and whitespace. Tools like gist and other code-snippet displays can help, but they also distance your code from your writing. With Dexy, we can write blog posts that incorporate code just where we want it, in the format we want it, and with confidence that the code we are writing is correct and easy to modify as we go.

In this tutorial we’ll walk through creating and then modifying a WordPress blog post. All the features mentioned in this blog post are available in Dexy 0.5.7. In order to post content to WordPress we will use its XMLRPC API, so before you try this yourself make sure you have enabled this option; it is disabled by default.

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