2011 February

Dexy at Dev8D

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I have written a guest post over at the DevCSI blog talking about my experiences at the excellent Dev8D conference in London the week before last, and also announcing some upcoming documentation events for developers working in UK Further or Higher Education. (If you aren’t in that category, don’t worry, I’m working on organizing other events in Ireland and the UK over the next few months, and maybe further afield.)

Dexy 0.2.0

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Dexy 0.2.0 is out, and you should be able to install/upgrade using easy_install as per the instructions here. There are a number of UI improvements and bug fixes, and some new filters to play with.

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Dexy for Data Scientists

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Dexy is a tool for writing about code and data, so it’s an ideal tool for writing about data science which involves lots of both. I’m very excited to be at the Strata conference meeting lots of fellow R and Python users working in statistics and data analysis, and hopefully for some of them Dexy will be a new productivity and communication tool to add to their open source portfolios.

I want to show an example using some of the code presented at the conference, in particular some of the scripts from the data bootcamp tutorial. The original source code and slides are at Drew Conway’s github, and hopefully there will be videos available.

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