Dexy 0.4.1

September 30, 2011   ·   By   ·   Comments Off   ·   Posted in Releases

Dexy 0.4.1 is out. There were some major behind-the-scenes changes in Dexy 0.4.0 which came out earlier this week, so many that I’m not going to try to write them up now. In 0.4.1, notable new features are:

  • Pygments stylesheets for HTML and LaTeX are now available within the Jinja filter. This means you don’t have to make a separate stylesheet, you can insert the styles directly into your LaTeX document or HTML header (LaTeX example). Or, you can use Dexy to generate a stylesheet so you always have the most up-to-date style definitions and can easily change them.
  • Virtual files are now more ‘virtual’. Previously if you wanted to create a .tgz or .zip archive from files dexy has generated, you needed to create a dummy empty file. Now you can just say “@archive.tgz|tgz” and a file with that name will be created for you (example).
  • Filters have been added for PythonMagick and imlib2. I’ve run into some problems with PythonMagick, perhaps because I’ve had to install an older version, but the basic filters do work and they have been written so it’s easy to subclass the filter and just specify actions on the ‘image’ object. The imlib2 filters follow a similar pattern. I’ll be using these to add a template gallery to the Dexy website soon, so expect a blog post with more detail.
  • Dexy now has basic support for accessing files in remote git repositories. If you have the GitPython package installed, then you can specify a repository URL and a path and Dexy will fetch this file for you. Fancy stuff like specifying a particular commit will be coming soon.
  • Now if you have an ‘allinputs’ document in a subdirectory, this document will be available to any ‘allinputs’ documents in parent directories. So, say, your website index page can have access to PDF pages in a subdirectory, without needing to list them explicitly as inputs.

Something else to note is that Dexy development has moved over to Github, and the Bitbucket repositories are going to be decommissioned soon. More updates on this, new documentation and all other Dexy news coming soon!