Dexy 1.0

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Get it while the egg is still warm!

What can you expect now that Dexy is 1.X?

Now that dexy has a grown-up version number, you can expect a lot more stability, but the main difference will be in the way changes are communicated.┬áRelease notes will now be published for each new dexy version, so you’ll have a clear indication of what will be involved in upgrading to a new version.

1.0 is being released because the API is relatively stable. Full backwards compatibility is not always going to be guaranteed, but Dexy will try to limit these changes, confine them to major version numbers and communicate them clearly and as far in advance as possible.

Dexy Now Has (Some) Docs!

The home page for all dexy docs will be This page will be a guide to the other dexy documentation, which may move around from its current locations.

There’s a new User Guide with a lot of content. It’s not a comprehensive User Guide yet, but it has solid sections on some of the more mysterious parts of dexy, and there’s a lot there which you can start making use of right now.

In the course of writing the User Guide, many of the command line help commands were revamped and several new commands were added to make it easier for you to get the information you need while working with dexy. Check out the new `dexy help` which is much more useful than it used to be. The User Guide will help explain the output of some of the commands.

Next Steps

The emphasis on Dexy development for the next few releases will be on improving test and documentation coverage, and making it as easy as possible for people to use Dexy’s capabilities to their full extent. There are a lot of fantastic, powerful features in there but obviously without tests and docs they are not going to be accessible or trustable. Expect to see the command line help continue to evolve. There is a large collection of dexy examples scattered over various repositories which need to be updated and made easy to explore, this is also going to be a priority.


Thanks to everyone who has supported me in this and believed in Dexy through some bumpy early days. Code contributions come in many forms, and many teachers, friends and supporters have helped make this release happen. I thank you all with my whole heart.