Dexy 0.2.0

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Dexy 0.2.0 is out, and you should be able to install/upgrade using easy_install as per the instructions here. There are a number of UI improvements and bug fixes, and some new filters to play with.

A big UI improvement is that you no longer have to type “.” if you want to run dexy on your project root. You now only need to provide a directory name if you wish to run dexy on a subdirectory.

Tweaks have been made to try to make it easier to get started with Dexy, some warning messages that proved confusing have been removed or clarified. Error messages have been improved for some common mistakes like forgetting a comma (or other invalid JSON syntax) in your .dexy file.

There is a new –filters option which lists all the available dexy filters, including their class name, which command line tool they call, and their docstring. Check it out and let me know if you have any feedback. Because –filters checks to see which version of command line tools you have installed, it might be slightly slower than you would expect. If it is ridiculously slow, or if you have other feedback, please start a discussion or report an issue.

A very exciting new filter is the ‘test’ filter. This is a big step towards making it easier to write tests for filters, and also allows you to build testing in to your documentation workflow. There is now an examples/ directory in the root of the dexy source code which includes basic demos and tests for some of the built-in filters.

There is a lot of development happening now to provide better support for Java. It is now possible to specify env parameters for several filters which call system processes using subprocess or pexpect, which is useful for specifying the CLASSPATH. Four new filters, two each for JRuby and Jython have been added. Support for compiling and running Java files and Javadoc support are in development, and ant/maven/eclipse integration is being considered. (If you have relevant experience and would like to contribute to any of these, please get in touch.)

The code, tests and documentation will be getting lots of attention over the next few weeks so please follow @dexyit on twitter and/or keep an eye on the repo for updates.